Finger Food

A Show at The Hand

August 19 - September 4, 2016

Press Release

Food is our tether to this planet. It is the proof that no human is a closed system. We must, literally, take pieces of the world around us and put it inside our bodies, or die.

Food is a perennial theme in art. Eating it, preparing to, displaying it, venerating it. Here is a something that we craft from the inside out to please as many of our senses as possible. Which came first, the hunger or the Philly Cheese Steak? Nutritional imperatives didn’t spawn the jell-o mold, the sausage, or the birthday cake. It’s not easy to identify the biological needs that interlock with our desire. Some hunger for a thick sausage. Some hunger for raw oysters. Some hunger for potato salad.

So please join us for Finger Food, The Hand’s inaugural show and a multifaceted feast we offer to our new community. On the walls and windows, the work of Leigh Ruple, Eleanor Swordy, Paul Branca, Ivy Haldeman, Meg Franklin, Catherine Pearson, Kelsey Shwetz, Scott Goodman, Paul Metrinko and LAZYMOM, show us looking at food and the aesthetic refractions of hunger. Throughout the gallery, Andrew Francis, Ian Campbell, Sydney Shen, Ebecho Muslimova, Aaron King, Harold Batista, Valerie Skakun, Daniele Frazier, Austin Smith, Melanie Hoff, Dan Taeyoung, Taylor Shields and again LAZYMOM, have created cakes and/or food-based performances for the opening reception on August 19th from 6 – 9 PM.

The feast, and the hunger before the feast, will always be transcendent. But remember: tis an ill cook who cannot lick his own fingers.

<em>Cake</em> by Valerie Skakun
Cake by Valerie Skakun
Gallery View (left)
Gallery View (left)
Gallery View (right)
Gallery View (right)
<em>Balloons</em> by Ian Campbell
Balloons by Ian Campbell
Cutting Ebecho Muslimova's <em>Fat Ebe</em> cake
Cutting Ebecho Muslimova's Fat Ebe cake
The <em>Fat Ebe</em> cake is red inside
The Fat Ebe cake is red inside
Unveiling Andrew Francis' <em>Condom Cake</em>
Unveiling Andrew Francis' Condom Cake
Cutting Andrew Francis' <em>Condom Cake</em>
Cutting Andrew Francis' Condom Cake