Videos About Technology, Made by Women and Non-Binary Artists

August 24 - August 24, 2018

Press Release

The Hand Presents FemBot: Videos About Technology, Made By Women and Non-Binary Artists curated by Saki Sato. Screening on Friday, August 24th, 7-10pm

More than half a century ago, early video pioneers like Joan Jonas and Dara Birnbaum used nascent video technology to liberate themselves from the male-dominated, commodity-driven art world. In our ever-changing technological landscape, how do women and non-binary artists use this medium today? What can technlogy do for them and how can it transform them– for better or worse? In seven videos and one performance, these artists show us how technology acts as their savior, oppressor, and/or banal source of entertainment.

Including works by:
Lily Benson
Fei Liu
Son Kit
Saki Sato
Jessie Stead
Amanda Turner Pohan
Masha Vlasova

Still from
Still from "A Tour of the Self Cleaning House" by Lily Benson
Still from
Still from "NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism" by Hyphen-labs
Image from Fei Liu for
Image from Fei Liu for "Build the Love You Deserve" performance
Still from
Still from "Killin It Sells" music video by RAFiA SANTANA
Still from
Still from "Happy Ending (Onegai, Onegai, Onegai, Let Me Get What I Want)" by Son Kit
Still from
Still from "You Are Now Running On Reserve Battery Power" by Jessie Stead
Still from
Still from "Screen Bodies" by Sweatmother
Still from
Still from "Linqox Criss on The River Ilissus" by Amanda Turner Pohan
Still from
Still from "Her Type" by Masha Vlasova
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Still from "Make a Computer" by Saki Sato