Absalon Kirkeby & Fryd Frydendahl

February 7 - March 10, 2019

Calling Ridgewood, calling Absalon, calling Fryd, calling Imacon; Emacon, calling 16

plus 16. Counting 32, calling it 16 pairs, calling it 32 ways, calling them one, don’t call them pairs. 

Boarding call.  Still in Frederiksberg hospital. Still in Montana. Fryd still calling Imacon for Emacon, Says Absalon. But lets just call these ones for Calling.

Absalon Kirkeby and Fryd Frydendahl are long time friends, both Danish natives and both rooted in photography.

Over the past several months they have photographed the neighborhoods surrounding The Hand. These images both document and abstract, creating a portrait of the space and its community as well as their collaborative dialogue.

This is their second joint installation.